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December 4, 2010 01:06 by Matt Whitfield

Just a short post this time - but after a hugely enjoyable exercise, all of the Atlantis applications now play nicely with SQL Server 2011 Denali CTP1.

SELECT ProductName, LatestVersionNumber, DownloadLink FROM DenaliCompatibleTools


SQL Everywhere2.0.97Download
Schema Inspector2.0.21Download
Data Inspector2.0.53Download
Data Surf1.1.35Download
Schema Surf1.1.42Download

Data Space Analyser has not been updated, as it is (in the main) already compatible with Denali. The object browser will require a re-build, and this will appear in the next week or so...


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SQL Tools updated

September 9, 2010 00:43 by Matt Whitfield

Four of our SQL tools, namely SQL Everywhere, Schema Inspector, Data Inspector and Data Space Analyser have received updates this week.

Here is a full list of the updates:

SQL Everywhere - 1.6.157

  • Major Features
    • Refactoring additions
      • Script layout engine now preserves comments, presents more options
      • Expand wildcards refactoring menu items now expand all wildcards
      • Auto-alias all identifiers
      • Smart rename for parameters
      • Show variable references
      • Rename temp table
      • Rename CTE
      • Extract as CTE
    • Result grid comparison
      • Uses dual grid, like Data Inspector
      • Shows missing rows on either side, changed rows, and a change overview map
    • Integrated Data Surf
      • Data surf from the object browser or from any table name in the query editor
      • Save surfs to later be loaded in the Data Surf application
  • Minor Features
    • Added ability to take Schema Inspector snapshots
    • Code completion and language engine update
      • Full support for CROSS/OUTER APPLY (fn) fn_name (col_list)
      • Support for 2008 row constructors
      • Support for inserted / deleted virtual tables
      • Support for PIVOT / UNPIVOT
      • Support for OUTPUT clauses
      • Enhanced support for merge statement
      • Removed ambiguous column detection for left hand values of SET clauses
      • Quick info tips for assembly class method external name declarations
    • Added word wrap mode
    • Support for VS-style keyboard chords
      • Ctrl+K, C - Comment lines
      • Ctrl+K, U - Uncomment lines
      • Ctrl+K, D - Auto format all
      • Ctrl+K, F - Auto format selection
      • Ctrl+K, X - Insert snippet
      • Ctrl+K, S - Insert surrounds with snippet
      • Ctrl+K, W - Show complete word
      • Ctrl+K, L - Show member list
      • Ctrl+K, I - Show quick info
      • Ctrl+K, P - Show parameter info
      • Ctrl+R, R - Rename identifier
      • Ctrl+W, E - Show errors
      • Ctrl+W, O - Show first grid
      • Ctrl+W, M - Show messages
      • Ctrl+W, J - Object browser
      • Ctrl+B, B - Toggle bookmark
      • Ctrl+B, T - Toggle bookmark
      • Ctrl+B, P - Previous bookmark
      • Ctrl+B, N - Next bookmark
      • Ctrl+B, C - Clear bookmarks
      • Ctrl+E, C - Comment lines
      • Ctrl+E, U - Uncomment lines
      • Ctrl+R, I - Extract CTE
      • Ctrl+R, O - Extract Explicit CTE
    • Added tooltips for the objects in the object tree views
    • Improved auto-scoping
    • Added column name level matching for JOIN expansion
  • Changes
    • Keyword expansion now includes built in functions
    • Quick hover tips and tab hover previews are now hidden when typing begins
    • Added text format detection for detection various different text formats
    • Improved load speed by 32%
    • Changed data display in grid viewer to remove line break characters while retaining original formatting for copy
    • Execution plans now only displayed graphically if the option is enabled in the toolbar
    • Ambiguous columns now underlined in blue, rather than red
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue with function call parameter info on CLR methods
    • Fixed issue with insert target columns lists being incorrectly identified
    • Fixed issue with auto-aliasing for column names in SET clauses
    • Fixed issue with auto-aliasing in sub queries
    • Fixed issue with object browser not sizing correctly at startup
    • Fixed some memory management issues
    • Assembly methods and properties are now delimited when necessary
    • Static assembly properties are now recognised correctly

Schema Inspector - 1.1.109

  • Minor features
    • Added difference viewer overview bar
    • Added ability to search action list using text filter
    • Added markup tooltip to action list viewer
    • Added ability to ignore encrypted object differences and principal logins
    • Added new and more accurate dependency scanning
    • Added disabling / enabling of DML triggers around table restores
    • Added warning to output script while trying to script encrypted objects
    • Added more aggressive matching bracket removal during comparison
    • Added ability to correct the name of signature matched constraints
  • Changes
    • Changed the way that counting is done to avoid non-comparable objects
    • Changed default naming for comparison scenarios to be more intelligent
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed column set syntax
    • Fixed issue with creation scripts for database roles
    • Fixed issue whereby order of INCLUDE columns in relational indices were treated as differences
    • Fixed issues with syncing whereby an altered object needed to be dropped and re-created because one of its dependencies was dropped and re-created
    • Fixed issue with re-creation of triggers on views which were being altered through the dependency tree
    • Fixed issue with reading of some permissions under 2005 / 2008
    • Fixed issue with creation of full text stop lists in transactable mode
    • Fixed object presence checks to include the schema of the checked object
    • Fixed issue with marking filegroups as read only
    • Fixed issue with full text stop lists containing the same word in multiple languages
    • Fixed scripting of event notifications

Data Space Analyser - 1.0.318

  • Minor Features
    • Refresh button to refresh the underlying data model and re-display the current report
    • View -> Reset Projection (also Ctrl+Right click) - Sets 3D view back to orthogonal
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix for reading heap tables from SQL Server 2000 databases

Data Inspector - 1.0.882

  • Bug Fixes
    • When you have made a selection of tables, then you refresh, it now remembers your selection
    • Fixed issue where a grid could not be shown unless a data sync type was ticked
    • Fixed issue with syncing strings with \ at then end of a line

Click on the following links to download the updated versions of SQL Everywhere, Schema Inspector, Data Inspector and Data Space Analyser.

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