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September 9, 2010 00:43 by Matt Whitfield

Four of our SQL tools, namely SQL Everywhere, Schema Inspector, Data Inspector and Data Space Analyser have received updates this week.

Here is a full list of the updates:

SQL Everywhere - 1.6.157

  • Major Features
    • Refactoring additions
      • Script layout engine now preserves comments, presents more options
      • Expand wildcards refactoring menu items now expand all wildcards
      • Auto-alias all identifiers
      • Smart rename for parameters
      • Show variable references
      • Rename temp table
      • Rename CTE
      • Extract as CTE
    • Result grid comparison
      • Uses dual grid, like Data Inspector
      • Shows missing rows on either side, changed rows, and a change overview map
    • Integrated Data Surf
      • Data surf from the object browser or from any table name in the query editor
      • Save surfs to later be loaded in the Data Surf application
  • Minor Features
    • Added ability to take Schema Inspector snapshots
    • Code completion and language engine update
      • Full support for CROSS/OUTER APPLY (fn) fn_name (col_list)
      • Support for 2008 row constructors
      • Support for inserted / deleted virtual tables
      • Support for PIVOT / UNPIVOT
      • Support for OUTPUT clauses
      • Enhanced support for merge statement
      • Removed ambiguous column detection for left hand values of SET clauses
      • Quick info tips for assembly class method external name declarations
    • Added word wrap mode
    • Support for VS-style keyboard chords
      • Ctrl+K, C - Comment lines
      • Ctrl+K, U - Uncomment lines
      • Ctrl+K, D - Auto format all
      • Ctrl+K, F - Auto format selection
      • Ctrl+K, X - Insert snippet
      • Ctrl+K, S - Insert surrounds with snippet
      • Ctrl+K, W - Show complete word
      • Ctrl+K, L - Show member list
      • Ctrl+K, I - Show quick info
      • Ctrl+K, P - Show parameter info
      • Ctrl+R, R - Rename identifier
      • Ctrl+W, E - Show errors
      • Ctrl+W, O - Show first grid
      • Ctrl+W, M - Show messages
      • Ctrl+W, J - Object browser
      • Ctrl+B, B - Toggle bookmark
      • Ctrl+B, T - Toggle bookmark
      • Ctrl+B, P - Previous bookmark
      • Ctrl+B, N - Next bookmark
      • Ctrl+B, C - Clear bookmarks
      • Ctrl+E, C - Comment lines
      • Ctrl+E, U - Uncomment lines
      • Ctrl+R, I - Extract CTE
      • Ctrl+R, O - Extract Explicit CTE
    • Added tooltips for the objects in the object tree views
    • Improved auto-scoping
    • Added column name level matching for JOIN expansion
  • Changes
    • Keyword expansion now includes built in functions
    • Quick hover tips and tab hover previews are now hidden when typing begins
    • Added text format detection for detection various different text formats
    • Improved load speed by 32%
    • Changed data display in grid viewer to remove line break characters while retaining original formatting for copy
    • Execution plans now only displayed graphically if the option is enabled in the toolbar
    • Ambiguous columns now underlined in blue, rather than red
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue with function call parameter info on CLR methods
    • Fixed issue with insert target columns lists being incorrectly identified
    • Fixed issue with auto-aliasing for column names in SET clauses
    • Fixed issue with auto-aliasing in sub queries
    • Fixed issue with object browser not sizing correctly at startup
    • Fixed some memory management issues
    • Assembly methods and properties are now delimited when necessary
    • Static assembly properties are now recognised correctly

Schema Inspector - 1.1.109

  • Minor features
    • Added difference viewer overview bar
    • Added ability to search action list using text filter
    • Added markup tooltip to action list viewer
    • Added ability to ignore encrypted object differences and principal logins
    • Added new and more accurate dependency scanning
    • Added disabling / enabling of DML triggers around table restores
    • Added warning to output script while trying to script encrypted objects
    • Added more aggressive matching bracket removal during comparison
    • Added ability to correct the name of signature matched constraints
  • Changes
    • Changed the way that counting is done to avoid non-comparable objects
    • Changed default naming for comparison scenarios to be more intelligent
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed column set syntax
    • Fixed issue with creation scripts for database roles
    • Fixed issue whereby order of INCLUDE columns in relational indices were treated as differences
    • Fixed issues with syncing whereby an altered object needed to be dropped and re-created because one of its dependencies was dropped and re-created
    • Fixed issue with re-creation of triggers on views which were being altered through the dependency tree
    • Fixed issue with reading of some permissions under 2005 / 2008
    • Fixed issue with creation of full text stop lists in transactable mode
    • Fixed object presence checks to include the schema of the checked object
    • Fixed issue with marking filegroups as read only
    • Fixed issue with full text stop lists containing the same word in multiple languages
    • Fixed scripting of event notifications

Data Space Analyser - 1.0.318

  • Minor Features
    • Refresh button to refresh the underlying data model and re-display the current report
    • View -> Reset Projection (also Ctrl+Right click) - Sets 3D view back to orthogonal
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix for reading heap tables from SQL Server 2000 databases

Data Inspector - 1.0.882

  • Bug Fixes
    • When you have made a selection of tables, then you refresh, it now remembers your selection
    • Fixed issue where a grid could not be shown unless a data sync type was ticked
    • Fixed issue with syncing strings with \ at then end of a line

Click on the following links to download the updated versions of SQL Everywhere, Schema Inspector, Data Inspector and Data Space Analyser.

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