Why the SQL Server Community is awesome

October 19, 2010 21:47 by Matt Whitfield

Having had a bit of time to reflect on the time I spent at the Community Connections event at Malmo in Sweden and SQLBits 7 in York, I have come to the conclusion that the SQL Server Community is awesome.


In a previous life I was a Drum and Bass producer and DJ. I worked with a close friend on a lot of music, and had some success with it - we released a few records and had a lot of fun doing it. However, the community around the music left a lot to be desired - sure, within your 'pocket' of friends, everyone would treat you with respect and be pleased to see you. But outside of that you could rarely expect someone to be genuinely interested in talking to you. In all walks of life, you have people who are stratospherically successful in their niche - and those people usually don't have the time to talk to 'normal people'.

So this is why the SQL Server Community rocks - at SQLBits 7 I made the acquaintance of several people who are really 'up there' in terms of their respect from the community at large. And they were happy to talk to 'normal people'. Engaged, in fact. Here were people who had travelled literally thousands of miles to present at an event, and there they were - mucking in, helping stuff bags and joking around with everyone else - not a superiority complex in sight.

This encouraged me hugely - because I feel more engaged with the SQL Server community now than I did before, and I feel like I want to continue to contribute and get to their level. All I can hope is that I can do so with half of the humility displayed by these people.

Also, a big thanks to everyone @ SQLBits 7 - especially those who attended my CLR session!

Hopefully I'll be giving another presentation again at another SQLBits...

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10/20/2010 5:39:05 PM #

Ondrej Stieber

Hi Matt, I was one of the attendees at your CLR session in York and it was impressive. Many thanks, Ondrej

Ondrej Stieber United Kingdom

10/20/2010 9:18:34 PM #


Ondrej - Glad you liked it!

mattw@atlantis-interactive.co.uk United Kingdom

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