Feedback on the Schema Engine OSS release

March 27, 2011 20:46 by Matt Whitfield

A few weeks back, I decided to open source Schema Engine, which is the core of the Atlantis product set. I was really hoping that I would get some good feedback on where to take it, see it used in some new and interesting ways and get some good ideas for features.

One person in particular, Justin Dearing (blog | twitter) has come up with some excellent ideas. He sent me an email saying he had some ideas for features, and I thought he was talking about the 'change the formatting of this DDL' level of feature. I was surprised (pleasantly, I might add) to see that he had thought about it at a much higher level - and some of his thoughts mirror where I had it going anyway (for example, Postgres support was something I had always wanted to do). But some of his other ideas are really cool - so check out his blog post on them, and leave feedback.

I have to say, I thought more people would have been interested in this release, and I am sure there are a fair few SQL people out there who could make use of this sort of functionality. Hopefully, Justin's input will start to give the project the impetus that it would need to achieve the future goals that he has outlined. So do, please, hop on over to his blog, check out his ideas, leave your feedback. Or, if you're looking at using the Schema Engine yourself - leave some feedback here, let me know what you think it's good at, let me know what you think it's bad at.

Schema Engine will be appearing on a more standard on-line forge - most likely CodePlex, in the not too distant future. I need to re-organise the code a bit first, so that it doesn't totally bork all the Atlantis products, while not including huge amounts of non-related code - the structure of the libraries in the Atlantis source tree is a little different, including all sorts of non-Schema Engine related stuff. But, right now, I'm busy preparing my session for SQL Bits 8, and hopefully I will meet some of you there...

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Thank you for open sourcing this library, it will prove useful for me. I hope you are still considering putting it onto CodePlex or github (or both) as it will gain a following for sure.

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